Fall colours and new grass


2 thoughts on “Fall colours and new grass

  1. Great home! What was the final cost of building? Is the interior complete? Do you have a floor plan? I apologize for all of the questions – we’re looking to build in the NC mountains and my husband and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum – I want cobwood or earthbag – he wants traditional – this might just bridge our gap a bit! Thanks for any info!

    1. Hello Lynnie; Hard to say what the final cost will be, but I expect (and hope) we’ll come in at under $10,000.00 So far, the actual materials cost has only come to about $2000.00 (a bunch of bags of portland cement and a truck load of 2×6’s and plywood). The roofing material (EPMD Pond Liner) was another $1,500. All the rock, sand and logs were free. The interior is not yet finished, but because the 15′ thick rock walls face both the interior and exterior, the walls are essentially finished. Most other materials were scavenged or second hand (windows, woodstove, kitchen stuff, etc.)
      We chose this style mostly because we had the bulk of the materials on our property. Having built homes in both styles (traditional and otherwise) I’d say they both have their merits, but I personally don’t like working with dimensional lumber. In our case, we’re trying to do it as cheaply as possible, so we’re avoiding the lumber yards and Home Depots as much as possible. If we had a bottomless well of money to draw from, I’d probably go the other route!
      Hope this helps, and good luck with your project! I’d love to see pictures one day!

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